Italy has the top level of faunal biodiversity in the whole of Europe and it has a diverse culture. Ever heard of the saying that states: when in Rome do as the Romans do?’ Rome is the capital city of Italy. Italy has a capitalized mixed economy and a leading country in exports and world trade. The broad architectural style in the country gave rise to the Royal Palace of Casertaand the Leaning tower. Football is a major sport, cinema is praised, classic music takes up the stage, and the visual art show something creative and unique. Italian Cuisines have left a good name all over the world especially pizza, pasta and gelato. Italy has some of the most beautiful features you can ever see anywhere e.g. the Mount Etna, the gulf of Naples, the Po river, the island of Lampedusa, Lake Garda (largest Italian lake), the beach of Calagoloritze and the Marmore’sfalls.

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