Medical Tourism

We realize it is not every day that you travel to a foreign country for medical care, so we offer a comprehensive medical tourism program to meet your specific medical travel needs. Wemaintain close network with doctors and  accredited hospitals in India. Using our close ties with hospitals, healthcare agencies, we provide the best quote, excellent support and genuine care.

In short, you can be assured of every support when you go to India. We also provide visa assistance, comfortable stay, travel, and pre-hospitalization visits. Also, we arrange nurses to attend to your needs after the treatment.

India Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people travelling outside their own home countries to access medical treatment and services that are not available or are expensive in their countries

Advantages of Medical Tourism

Affordable and Cost-effective prices

Due to the low cost of labor, low cost of malpractices, administration and insurance cases, India have normally been considered as a medical tourism destination.

High-quality healthcare services

Most doctors in India have been trained and certified in the West and have acquired accreditation from well-recognized organizations making them suitable to provide quality services.

Immediate Service to patients

With medical tourism, you are not given the option of waiting. Your problem is handled as a priority.

Improved Flight and Communication Services

The internet has easily facilitated everything and nowadays, procedures to be performed on the other side of the world can be scheduled via the internet and one can easily book flights or schedule surgery procedures.

Medical Tourism in India

  • MAX Healthcare
  • Jaypee Hospital
  • Medanta
  • Apollo hospitals
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  • BLK Super Specialty Institute
  • SevenHills Hospital
  • Columbia Asia Hospital

Why you should choose India

  • Doctors in India are the best in the world
  • The prices are affordable for all types of treatments
  • There is high level of hygiene
  • It is an incredible country to explore and relax
  • It is a well-supported medical tourism industry

Specialties covered in India

  • Cardiology (concerned with heart related issues)
  • Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery ( deals with plastic surgery and
  • Neurology (deals with nerves)
  • Orthopedics (concerned with bone and joint related problems)
  • Liver transplants
  • Oncology (Cancer treatment)
  • Bariatric surgery for weight loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I do not speak English will that be a constraint?

A: If you provide this information prior, suitable arrangements will be done to provide you with a company translator that can understand your native language.


Q: Why should I choose India?

A: The quality of treatment stands out as that of US counterparts. The cost is also just a fraction as compared to what you will be expected to pay in the developed countries.


Q: How possible is it to provide cost effective services and still meet up to the international standards?

A: The cost of living in India is relatively low as compared to that of the Western countries and the hospitals have also come up with innovative cost effective techniques and methods that reduce on the overall cost.

Your Medical Trip Process


  • We usually respond to medical queries immediately. Upon commencement of the process, you will need to send us the medical reports and prescriptions.


  • The commendation and opinion of numerous doctors will be emailed to you with the estimated costs. Since doctors have not gotten the exact idea of what the illness is all about, they usually give a rough estimate


  • The patientreviews the recommendations and chooses the hospital and budget for his treatment.


  • Our dedicated agent with English fluency will receive you at the airport and will facilitate consultation with the relevant specialty doctors. Accommodation and transfers will all be taken care of


  • We will be in touch with you as often as required until the medical treatment is accomplished.


  • We provide retreat, relaxation and/or activity options while you are on your Medical Trip.


  • We ensure that you are taken care of very well from your arrival to departure to your homeland.
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