Malindi Tour

Price start from as low as $110 usd only!

Depart from hotel by 6 am and drive along the North coast to Malindi. The Highlights of this tour will include:Check out the Vasco da Gama Pillar built in 1498 with lots of history. Malindi Crocodile Farm and Snake Park- located off the main road leading to Malindi Marine Park .A visit to the Kipepeo Butterfly Project – A pioneering project aimed at giving the forest edge communities opportunities to get an income directly from the forest  by live breeding the unique butterflies of the Arabuko-Sokoke forest, and sending them to live butterfly display centers around the world.

A visit to Gede ruins – an old Swahili village mysteriously deserted some 600 years ago due to unknown causes, now a national museum, the ruins are overgrown with native forest trees, old baobab trees, tamarind and animals can be found here too.

This tour is well worth a visit as you get to learn different culture and lifestyles of the coastal strip.

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